Model shoot

the fallen angel

I’ve waited a long time hoping to be able to post this, and finally, the time is here. A while ago, Petra and myself took a friend of mine for a photo-shoot down to the Slovenian coast. It was a really sunny day, but most of all it was a hot day. Thanks to Samo‘s reflector, our girl was even more hot, in more ways than one.


Bolero: Zanzi-bar

So, some of you know it already, some guessed it, I got a new lens a couple of days ago. And the same day I went out and tested it. I had a chance to take a few photos of Bolero’s Zanzi-bar show at Špas Teater. A promo spot can be viewed here. I did see the show on the first night, but that didn’t help me a lot when I tried to [...]

Model shoot


I had this idea in my head for a long time… It involved a tutu, and an abandoned building with large windows. I’ve been inside Tovarna Rog once, and I wanted it to be my location. However, to shoot inside, usually, you need permission from the municipality. And I must say that the people I dealt with (Kristina Novak, and Jerneja [...]

Model shoot


 A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to “help out” with a session with his friend, Urška. It was more of an improv session, so no special ideas from my side. I did howewer get to play with a reflector screen (thanks Samo). So my obvious choice were a few of to the sun shots. I divided them into two series, a bit [...]

Model shoot

Jessica – BW

When the cat is away, the mouses1 are playing. So, as you may know, thanks to Outlook being my RSS reader, I managed to spot a post from Peter where he’s looking for an assistant. So I decided to give it a shot, after all, I’m very curious as to how people who’ve done it before do it =). It’s nothing special really, [...]

Model shoot

Petra, part II

So, as you might recall from my previous post I had some time to kill and Petra and I went to see Jan at his workplace – The Jože Pučnik Airport. Damn, that’s a bad name, I’ll stop it now… we went to Brnik. I wanted to test flash & sunset with fast shutter synchronization. Needless to say, it didn’t work [...]

Model shoot


I know I promised to finish the watermarking tool by today but something came up – so I postponed it until tomorrow. I hope I’ll make it. I already have a few good feature ideas, including inverting watermarks when the background is too bright. We’ll see how it goes. =) Until then, I’ll post one picture from a test [...]