Jan Plestenjak

Rumena noč has finished almost a week ago, and it has taken me this long to put a few pictures online. I’m sorry, it’s just that It’s been a busy week. And besides I’m struggling to find space to put it on. This is why I’m in the process of buying a “storage vault”, a custom made PC with 1,1 TB of [...]


Siddharta & Dan D

The continuation of the Festiko festival has served us with a concert from currently two of the most popular groups in Slovenia, Dan D, and Siddharta, who have recently joined forces to create a combination song from Dan D’s Voda, and Siddharta’s Male roke performed for the first time for the Viktorji awards. The song has become [...]


Land of champions

Magnifico has done it again. He’s taken a superhit from Animals – House of the rising sun, and made one hell of a version out of it. Here’s the video. I know the song is not really that new, but I just heard it for the first time today and had to blog about it. Right, off to writing the next post.


Robert Plant

Who he? Just kidding, you probably all know the guy as the vocalist of über legendary group Led Zeppelin (Stairway to heaven, Whole lota love, Black dog… and many, many more). He was in Koper to open the Festiko festival. He’s changed his rock ways for a more ethno-kind vibe. He also doesn’t perform topless anymore… [...]

Model shoot

Urša & Anja

 So, after a very long time, I’ve finally found time to post a few pictures from the shoot I had with my girlfriend and her friend. The focus of the shoot though was Anja (my girlfriend’s friend =) ). So that’s why most of the pictures I’m posting are of her. I also did a few “test” shots of the 50 mm F/1.8, [...]


Zbiljska noč (Zbilje night?)

 I’m not sure how to translate it properly, but ok. It was a night at the Zbilje lake, with a concert =). The band I really wanted to see were Pop Design. I like their style of music, it reminds me of 80’s rock, as that’s exactly what it is. Although Jan Plestenjak wasn’t half bad. Anyway, the lighthning wasn’t [...]


Disco Nautica

This weekend was über busy. To start things off, me and Alja went to Koper for Disco Nautica. Although the event was dance/techno oriented, there was a concert I really wanted to take pictures off. The performing artists I wanted to see were Laibach and Lara B. Also appearing were Melodrom, and I think Octex. Although this fellow (DJ) performed [...]