Anže Vodovnik - public void Photograph()
Anže Vodovnik - public void Photograph()

Anže Vodovnik is a dad and a software architect with a passion for photography and music. These are his thoughts and opinions, sometimes accompanied by code and photos.


Anže Vodovnik - public void Photograph()
Anže Vodovnik

Anže Vodovnik

A proud father, enthusiastic guitarist and passionate software engineer, geeking out in the cloud. Briefly a Microsoft MVP for Azure before forfeiting the title when I joined Microsoft UK.

Cutting the grass...

I'm excited to announce that starting March 1st, I will be joining the Visual Studio for Mac team. Based out of Ljubljana, this role will be both a massive change and a massive challenge. This also means moving back to Slovenia and I wanted to write down some thoughts on moving abroad for work.

A New Home

It finally happened. I finally decided to move my blog from the old Wordpress system to Ghost. I started the project about 3 months ago, working on the code and migration when I had some spare time. It took a bunch of time, because I wrote some custom code to migrate the old content to a new Markdo…

A look at Computer Vision

I am sitting in the middle of Cambridge, attending the Ternary Hackathon. Microsoft is sponsoring a challenge, and giving away some Xbox One Xs for the best use of Cognitive Services. Because of that, it was only fair that we also showcased a quick and dirty sample. We ended up showing two quick dem…

A Quick Swim in Data Lake

As a developer, I never cared much about Data Lake. While I’ve always sort of been responsible for the full stack, including the database stuff, I tended to shy away from stuff that had too much to do with data. I’ve been working with some interesting customers recently, though, that have interestin…