public void Photograph()
public void Photograph()

A dad and a software architect with a passion for photography and music. These are my thoughts and opinions, sometimes accompanied by code and photos.


public void Photograph()


Saying "no"

I wrote this post a couple of years ago. I think I even posted it here for a short time, then decided to remove it due to the potential bad connotation in regards to the projects & clients of my former team - even though it was not related. Still, today, Bojan reminded me of it by posting a post…

Personal Productivity at its worst

I always had a problem with being distracted. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Messages, even Spotify, have been, honestly, killing my productivity. Back in the days, when I focused the majority of my time at development, this was less of an obstacle. I developed this multi-threaded mind (sort o…

It's about the people!

It's been a little bit over a month since I first left [Slovenia](,14.5&spn=10.0,10.0&q=46.05,14.5 (Slovenia)&t=h) and joined the Zeppelin team, having been accepted into TechStars[Boston](,-71.0616666667&…

Coldplay @ Udine, 31.8.2009

Another trip to Udine – this time to see alternative rockers Coldplay (article at To be honest, I expected a lot from the guys. Being a world famous band that existed for a while now, I thought they’ll make a good show – a spectacle in a sense. Well, I was disappointed. All in all, I could…