Rock for future generations

In support of the Live Earth iniciative (, an organization called Planet Zemlja (Planet earth), organized a concert yesterday, Rock for future generations here in Ljubljana. The organizers said that there were approximately 3000 people. My guess would be the same, but they were not constant - rather, there was a flux of people coming to and going away from the concert.

The bands that played were interesting, from yound and emerging talents to some "old folkes" like Benč, and Pero Lovšin.

The light was horrible (after dusk), but that didn't really matter that much, since I made a "rookie" mistake. The battery drained on me towards the end. Ah well, we live and we learn. Anyway a couple of photos.


P.S.: I'll post the reason why the battery drained out in my next post, but half of the reason is in my previous post :-). I didn't recharge the battery after the concert until today.

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