public void Photograph()
public void Photograph()

A dad and a software architect with a passion for photography and music. These are my thoughts and opinions, sometimes accompanied by code and photos.


public void Photograph()


Siddharta & Dan D

The continuation of the Festiko festival has served us with a concert from currently two of the most popular groups in Slovenia, Dan D, and Siddharta, who have recently joined forces to create a combination song from Dan D's Voda, and Siddharta's Male roke performed for the first time for the Viktor…

Robert Plant

Who he? Just kidding, you probably all know the guy as the vocalist of über legendary group Led Zeppelin (Stairway to heaven, Whole lota love, Black dog... and many, many more). He was in Koper to open the Festiko festival. He's changed his rock ways for a more ethno-kind vibe. He also doesn't perfo…