Siddharta & Dan D

The continuation of the Festiko festival has served us with a concert from currently two of the most popular groups in Slovenia, Dan D, and Siddharta, who have recently joined forces to create a combination song from Dan D's Voda, and Siddharta's Male roke performed for the first time for the Viktorji awards. The song has become immensly popular. My personal opinion is that Siddharta got really lucky by joining Dan D as their popularity was starting to fall and Dan D's is rising. I think that Petrolea is not as good (lyricaly) as their previous albums and I believe it's starting to show.

Well, anyway, the lightning was still terrible. Almost no frontal lights and lots of back lightning.


The green one ^^ is something which I havent' really decided if I like it or not, but I do like the way the guitarist is blurred and the guitar is sharp. What's your take on it? One more comment on the lightning though, we've talked with a colleage photographer about the lights and decided that for Siddharta at least, it seemed like it was a race to change as much colors as possible in one song. I'm not sure why, but that's how it looked :-).

Right, so that's 3 posts in one day, so I hope I made up for the time out.

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