McLaren, Slon in Sadež, Neisha and Tinkara Kovač

On friday, there was another concert on the Tito square in Koper, continuing the "Rumena noč" festival, which is a part of the Festiko festival. Anyway, on the stage were some great bands, McLaren, Slon in Sadež, Neisha and Tinkara Kovač. McLaren is a relatively fresh, young band, which me and a photographer colleague both agree are pretty good. I got their CD, but I still have to listen to it in a normal setting, not at 3 AM in the morning. But my first impression is that the band is better live. Anyway, a couple of interesting pictures.


I need some help though, the last two are the same, as you no doubt has noticed. However, I am not sure which one is better, with colors or B&W. The last two days, or maybe the last week (starting with Robert Plant) I've started to notice an increase in my likness of BW photos. So, I'd really appriciate your thoughts on the matter.

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