Anže Vodovnik - public void Photograph()
Anže Vodovnik - public void Photograph()

Anže Vodovnik is a dad and a software architect with a passion for photography and music. These are his thoughts and opinions, sometimes accompanied by code and photos.


Anže Vodovnik - public void Photograph()

Business impact

SWOT analysis of Visual Studio Online

Deciding to go with a tool like VSO, for a company, is not easy. There are several alternatives, including free ones, that give you just as much, maybe even more - in terms of pricing and/or flexibility. So, in order to get our team to use it (or not), I prepared a SWOT analysis (Strengths Weaknesse…

It's about the people!

It's been a little bit over a month since I first left [Slovenia](,14.5&spn=10.0,10.0&q=46.05,14.5 (Slovenia)&t=h) and joined the Zeppelin team, having been accepted into TechStars[Boston](,-71.0616666667&…

Approaching an investor, a guest post

This is the first in, hopefully many guest posts. The topic for this one is something that I found to be really hard - approaching an investor. What to say the first time, what answers to have... So I asked a dear friend, if she would be willing to write something about the process. Nina Mazgan is…

What's in a good team?

About a month ago, I left my position as a Senior Software Engineer / Architect. I held that position for about three years. I think these three years were some of the most productive years, in terms of learning, productivity itself, communication skills... While it is true I ultimately said I want…