public void Photograph()
public void Photograph()

A dad and a software architect with a passion for photography and music. These are my thoughts and opinions, sometimes accompanied by code and photos.


public void Photograph()

Business impact

SWOT analysis of Visual Studio Online

Deciding to go with a tool like VSO, for a company, is not easy. There are several alternatives, including free ones, that give you just as much, maybe even more - in terms of pricing and/or flexibility. So, in order to get our team to use it (or not), I prepared a SWOT analysis (Strengths Weaknesse…

It's about the people!

It's been a little bit over a month since I first left [Slovenia](,14.5&spn=10.0,10.0&q=46.05,14.5 (Slovenia)&t=h) and joined the Zeppelin team, having been accepted into TechStars[Boston](,-71.0616666667&…

Approaching an investor, a guest post

This is the first in, hopefully many guest posts. The topic for this one is something that I found to be really hard - approaching an investor. What to say the first time, what answers to have... So I asked a dear friend, if she would be willing to write something about the process. Nina Mazgan is w…

What's in a good team?

About a month ago, I left my position as a Senior Software Engineer / Architect. I held that position for about three years. I think these three years were some of the most productive years, in terms of learning, productivity itself, communication skills... While it is true I ultimately said I want…