Zbiljska noč (Zbilje night?)

I'm not sure how to translate it properly, but ok. It was a night at the Zbilje lake, with a concert =). The band I really wanted to see were Pop Design. I like their style of music, it reminds me of 80's rock, as that's exactly what it is. Although Jan Plestenjak wasn't half bad. Anyway, the lighthning wasn't bad, and the ambience was amazing, particulary the involvement of the audience. There were about 20 000 people according to the organizers. They sang through most of the songs from both of the above mentioned bands (and some songs from Saška Lendero).

During the performance of Pop Design the band really got "live". First the bassist (Tone Košmrlj), jumed off the stage and gave out flyers to the crowd. Then the vocalist (Miran Rudan) sang with the audience and gave the microhone to the crows. All in all, it was a fun night.

Zbiljska_noc (9)Zbiljska_noc (18)Zbiljska_noc (30)Zbiljska_noc (39)Zbiljska_noc (42)Zbiljska_noc (46)Zbiljska_noc (34)Zbiljska_noc (51)Zbiljska_noc (53)Zbiljska_noc (54)Zbiljska_noc

Ok, maybe a bit a lot of the pictures, but I really like them so I decided to show them. The last two are interesting as they were taken hand held, on ISO 800, 1/10 and F/7.

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