Jan Plestenjak

Rumena noč has finished almost a week ago, and it has taken me this long to put a few pictures online. I'm sorry, it's just that It's been a busy week. And besides I'm struggling to find space to put it on. This is why I'm in the process of buying a "storage vault", a custom made PC with 1,1 TB of space (with 2x400 Gb and 1x320 Gb disks in RAID 5 configuration). Maybe this is a good time to ask you, how are you solving your backup and storage issues?

About the pictures, a couple of them are... flashy, if that's the right word. It's just that, you can't resist taking them, and yet they're a cliché... well, I like them, and that's what matters in the end, IMHO. Comments appriciated!


And now, for the concert photos. The focus of the photos is, as you probably noticed, Jan Plestenjak. I've already mentioned once he's a good photo subject :).


I'm also testing a new signature graphics. What do you think? Should I keep it? Does anybody know how to automate this in Photoshop? With custom graphics, etc?

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