ELLE Photoshoot - Part 2

I promised in my previous post that I will post more pictures. And a promise is a promise. The photos are located at the gallery.

A few links to other bloggers who mentioned the event, or were there: Had, Tamala, matejMM, Ratio Emotio in Babji svet.


As you can tell, I've been toying with the pictures a little bit. But it's all for a purpose. Not every picture has the same effect. The reason for this being, that I wanted to play around a little bit. I wanted to see what works, and what doesn't in what situation with a model that has perfect make-up, posture, and all those things that can be perfect.

Disclaimer: I think my girlfirend is perfect everytime she smiles at me or my camera, however the perfect I'm reffering to in the above context is the perfect that is expected from glamour magazines.

Right, so that's why there's so many effects =). Comments appriciated.

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