Jessica - BW

When the cat is away, the mouses1 are playing.

So, as you may know, thanks to Outlook being my RSS reader, I managed to spot a post from Peter where he's looking for an assistant. So I decided to give it a shot, after all, I'm very curious as to how people who've done it before do it =).

It's nothing special really, just holding a reflector, but obviously I had my Nikon around my neck as much as I could. And when Peter went out to get something to drink, I "hijacked" his borrowed Canon 1Ds MkII & Jessica and took some shots.

The style of shots is different, I think, than what Peter did.


So I don't need to ask myself if I should go with BW or color, I've chosen to go with both, but in two different posts. So, tomorrow I'll post the colored ones.** Comments are welcomed!**1) Good god man, obviously I mean mice, but for some reason the word just wanted out =), so I wrote it.

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