Sečovlje salina

So, after having updated my theme (something new) I decided to post some pictures from earylier in my photographic career (er... 4 months ago - but nevertheless, something old).

So, a bit of explaining. I liked my previous theme, but there was something missing (for me). So, after having looked all over the net for a nice looking theme with everythin I wanted, I just couldn't. I did however find a good theme, The morning after. So I hacked together my existing theme, and The Morning after. I even used the same lead image for my banner - but I'll be replacing this somewhere this week I hope. As soon as I find an image that is suitable... It was a long time since I've done CSS, PHP coding and it felt goooooood =). Anyway, now I'm happy with how my blog looks. What do you think about it?

Now, after having something new, I thought why not post something old. So I dug up something from my archive. Jan and I went to Sečovlje Salina a couple months ago. I was just starting to get more up close nad personal with digital photography then. This was when I bought my D80. Most are without tweaks, except the "film-like" one. Lightroom's aged photo preset with a couple of exposure & black clipping modifications + Photoshop for the frame and comibination of the photos.

Salinae-1Salinae-2Salinae-4Salinae-5jan_jumps copy

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