why I chose to remove two photos

Following up to my post from Šentvid's Krst 2007, I've decided to remove two images. Please note that I was not forced to remove them, but I was asked if I could consider removing them.

**Where is the problem? Why censorship?

Well you see, the pictures that are problematic, depict a girl carrying a weapon in a school. This girl is not associated with the show (even though the show was of an "army squad" there were no guns, plastic or other kind allowed!!!!), worse even, she appears to be first year. For obvious reasons, I am STRONGLY OPPOSED to any violence in schools, and I think that with people getting killed or beaten outside of clubs, shootings in schools and anywhere else for that matter, are the last thing we need. Therefore, I would lke to apologize for not noticing immediately, and making this decision sooner.

In trying to rectify the situation, I hope that the people whos job it is to find out who and why had the gun, will discover that it was all a joke. And when they do, I will be the first to pos that explanation here. But until then, why can't we just bloody get along?

Anyway, I hope you guys won't mind the censorship. Or will you?

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