Since yesterday was such a nice and sunny day, I kind of set out to capture the beautifull colors of autumn. And I did... but the only problem is that my mood dictates that I desaturate the images. I like the results, but they might not be representative of autumn =).


The last one might look like HDR, but it's actually not -- at least not in the real sense of the word. It's photoshoped, but only with the burn tool on the sky. So... it's a baby HDR maybe. =) What do you think?

What's interesting though is that for the first time, when shooting landscape I mean, I had an exact idea of what I wanted to do with the images when I took them. So I had a success rate of 100% considering my ideas. I really like that --** screw portraits, models are a pain to work with, the buildings (almost) never move** :-).

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