I had this idea in my head for a long time... It involved a tutu, and an abandoned building with large windows. I've been inside Tovarna Rog once, and I wanted it to be my location. However, to shoot inside, usually, you need permission from the municipality. And I must say that the people I dealt with (Kristina Novak, and Jerneja Batič) were extremely helpful and friendly. Anyway, once I got the permissions, I wanted to get a little bit of extra help... this involved one borrowed SB-800 (tnx Jan), one make-up artist (tnx Anja), a reflector (tnx Samo), an assistant (tnx Urša) and a ballerina (tnx Neža :-)).

So, here are the photos... I did two separate series, and I'll post the other one later this week.

Comments are greatly appreciated.


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