Visual Studio 2008 is here

Finally, the wait is over. The guys at Microsoft RTMed Visual Studio 2008. Thanks to my MSDN subscription and a heads-up notification from a friend, I downloaded the sucker. It's installing as I write this. But keep in mind that the installation usually takes about half an hour -- and also that I am running the setup as a virtual mounted CD, which means SATA II file transfer speeds :-). I remember times, when we installed Visual Basic 6 and it was an all-night event which included changing CDs in the CD-ROM. Ah, good ol' days.

The change set is huge, including new tools for Office 2007, an improved HTML/CSS designer, JavaScript Intellisense and (improved) debugger support and more. I can hardly wait to start using it, but unfortunately... I have got to get to work :-). So, I'll write about how it went when I get back.

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