Bruc 07

After a fairly hectic week I finally have some time to post a couple of pics from bruc 07.

The whole thing was divided onto three stages, but I avoided the dance/techno one for trying to avoid an ever larger headache than I already had. On two other stages, we were able to see the performances of Superlizo, Intimn Frizurn, Zmelkoow, Klemen Klemen, Leeloojamais, Big Foot Mama, Mosaic, McLaren, Rock Partyzani, Tide, The Beet Fleet and Jan Plestenjak. I've seen most of them before, for example McLaren (I was pretty impressed the last time I heard them), Tide (Iron Maiden concert, but no photos), Jan Plestenjak (1,2,3), Big foot Mama, Klemen Klemen and Leeloojamais.

The only thing I was really unimpressed with, were Leloojamais. I'm sorry, the new singer just doesn't do it for me. She doesn't have a good voice, and that's that. It doesn't fit the music... I'm sorry, but that's how I think. I'm sure Mih@, who was also there, would disagree though ;-). But that's cool, as long as you can argument everything reasonably (i.e. our Mac & Vista/Windows debate, right Miha?).

Anyway, a couple of pictures. :-)


Tomorrow, I'm posting Jan Plestenjak and "his" panties so stay tuned.

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