Otočec & apology

I'm back. Sorry I've kept you waiting, but this year did not start out in a good way. Hopefully, it will improve. I'm certainly doing my best to help it. Because I was in a bad mood I didn't feel like photographing.

But, today Tjaša and I went to see my grandmother in Krško. And since the weather was really, really nice, we stopped in Otočec on our way back. Since I took my camera with me, I couldn't help myself and I took a few photos. I originally only wanted to take a couple snapshots, to keep as memories... But I decided to post one anyway.


But, I also wanted to post a photo Tjaša made :-). I rarely like my photos (photos of me), but this one... I don't know, just seemed so... visionary :-).


For those of you who know me, you know what that gaze means.

I have a couple more I'd really like to share, but not right now. Maybe once. Soon. I hope.

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