best union @ Koper, 30.5.2009

After a long hiatus I’ve finally gone out to a concert and took some pictures. I’ve been visiting concerts lately, but only as a listener. I must have seen at least a gazillion Tabu concerts :-). But I still enjoy every single one of them ;-). Anyway, the past weekend, in Koper, the unions of Slovenia organized a concert of a couple bands. Two of them I managed to catch, arriving just in time for the start of RockPartyzani, followed shortly thereafter by, Big Foot Mama (Škisova 2008, Graduation Parade 2008 and Bruc 07).


The concerts were OK, but I did expect more. I know Taverna in Koper, as a place, is capable of giving more feeling. Maybe it was the bands? Maybe it was the left-over effect from Tabu concert a few nights ago? :) Was anybody there?


Although as I said there was a certain lack of emotion, Darja Drobnič still has, in my opinion a very powerful voice which she is more than capable of showing/expressing.


Darja Drobnič & Vojo Djuran (Rock Partyzani)


Franci Zabukovec (Rock Partyzani)


Sindikat-KP_foto_AnzeVodovnik-293  Sindikat-KP_foto_AnzeVodovnik-321

Alen & Grega (Big Foot Mama)


Grega Skočir (Big Foot Mama)

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