What's new in vNext & MVC6?

Microsoft hosted a developer event in Slovenia, called TechDays and have invited me to present some of the new features of ASP.NET vNext and MVC 6. I wanted to post the slides online. They are a combination of slides from Scott Hanselman and Daniel Roth that were available on Channel 9. Additionally, I've added some slides of my own, especially as a summary of what's new.

The presentation is here: I am looking forward to feedback, comments and questions.

So what is new? You can read more about this (and follow the demo) at the official vNext page and it's getting started section. Additionally, if you want to look at the source control, open Yes, finally - Microsoft is fully open source, and is very open about the development and progress. They are also running weekly community stand-ups where they are giving the community feedback about the progress of the project.

Rebuilt from the Ground-up

  • MVC 6 merges MVC, Web API and Web Pages

    • Common set of abstractions for features
  • DI built into framework

    • Use preffered IoC containers
  • Host agnostic (IIS or self hosted for MVC)

  • Open Source & Cross Platform

Performance Optimizations

  • MVC not dependant** on System.Web.dll!**

  • Cloud-optimized runtime

    • Subset of .NET, 11 MB compared to 200!
  • Composed of NuGet packages

    • Include only the packages you need
  • Faster update cadance (separation of parts)

True Side-by-side compatibility

  • Multiple apps with different versions of the framework on the same server

  • Insulated from framework changes on the server

  • Update apps for new framework separately

  • 0 errors at deploy-time

    • „Copy“ of packages & references

A better Development Experience

  • No build step required
  • Edit & Refresh
  • Dynamic code compilation (editing code on server)
  • Custom editors/tools/OS
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