A New Home

A New Home

It finally happened. I finally decided to move my blog from the old Wordpress system to Ghost. I started the project about 3 months ago, working on the code and migration when I had some spare time.

It took a bunch of time, because I wrote some custom code to migrate the old content to a new Markdown format - I've been looking all around the web, but couldn't find a decent exporter/importer that also takes into account code. It turns out most Wordpress blogs contain everything but code.

The upside of this is that I now have a utility that I will make available to the world through GitHub. I plan on doing that in the near future, and will update this article when I get around to it.

Funny Coincidence, or 11 years later

It turns out, I actually did my first migration exactly 11 years to the date - that was actually part of the reason I wanted to pick today to switch the DNS over. My first post on this blog was from one of the first concerts I shot, and a very special one: P!nk.

The Process

The Process to move, was actually amazingly complicated. That said, I've complicated it myself. I decided to host the blog on a DigitalOcean droplet which means more work for me, but it'll effectively also be presenting a challenge. It meant I had to play around with Nginx configurations, Linux and a whole bunch of stuff I didn't have to touch when I simply hosted with a hosting provider.

In the process of moving the blog over, I've discovered several things that I feel might be useful for others who might be considering moving to Ghost, and I plan on documenting this in greater detail, moving forward.

Onwards, to more writing...

Now all that's left to do is enjoy the new, much cleaner interaface, and Markdown support in the editor, and start writing. There are still some little things left to sort out, and if you spot anything, please let me know in the comments section, or on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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