Severina, Ljubljana - Križanke

So, after getting some sleep, going to work, and driving home for 1 hour due to the traffic jams around Ljubljana I finally started writing my "report" from yesterday's concert. My Delo report is available here. By tomorrow I also hope to give another reference but I'll see what happenes there.

I went to this concert with very low expectations. I admit, I'm not a fan of Severina. I know her from more than just her "home movie" but I've never liked listening to this type of music too much. This was topped with complications with acreditation getting lost in the mail (I recieved an empty envelope!!).

I decided early on that I will try and do as much as possible with my 50 mm f/1.8 lens. And I did. Obviously, I did use my 18-200 for a vfew closeups and a wide shot of the public from the balcony.

Anyway, Severina, along with her guests, performed for alkmost 2 hours and a half, and the show was amazing. Maybe I wasn't as impressed with music as I was with the performance aspect of the concert. This includes the durations, lighting, coreography, guests, spots in between bunches of songs etc.

As for the pictures... I'm actually quite happy as I mentioned in my previous post. I hope that those of you reading my blog are happy with them as well, and as usual I would appriciate any critique.


What I did notice however, is that I like the portait orientation when shooting solo artists. Do you think this is good or bad?

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