Nightwish - Hala Tivoli

Finally!!! A concert again. You can't imagine how good it felt to shoot a concert again. Especially Nightwish. For me, the concert was good. Anette did a good job at the latest songs, but obviously, with the older ones, Tarja's voice was sorely missed. But ok, things change.

Anyway, for the concert, I focused a lot on Emppu and his poses, because he's known to be energetic through the whole concert, and generally a poser :-). As far as the pictures go, I'm not really that satisfied, partially because I've grown lazy because of the 70-200. And I need to buy myself a Lowepro 75 or something similar (suggestions anyone?) so I can change lenses a bit faster than with my current Kata R-103. Right... a bit off topic :). Here are the pics. Comments appreciated.


Nightwish_foto_Anze_Vodovnik-56  Nightwish_foto_Anze_Vodovnik-200Nightwish_foto_Anze_Vodovnik-44

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