Rock Partyzani - Portorož

Today, I just got home from a Microsoft event - the launch of the new product wave (Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008) with events entitled "Heroes happen{here}".

Anyway, after a full day of lectures, it was time for the closing party. Before and after of the finale of the game Guitar Hero for XBOX 360 (I was second :) ), the crowd was entertained by a band called Rock Partyzani. I already heard them once (Bruc 07) but this time, I had a very rare opportunity of being more or less THE ONLY crowd. There were about 80 people (at the start), and only about 20-30 after the finale. And none of them were close to the stage so it gave me the ideal chance to keep move and scour for opportunities.



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