How many photographers does it take…

… to make an interesting picture :-). Well, as it turns out, 4 is a good approximation. After a whole night of Company Party (AGB Lab’s annual New Year’s party) our photography group decided to meet at 7 AM in Sečovlje Soline. I was up all night, so I didn’t have a lot of energy to try all the stuff I wanted to, and the weather wasn’t all we wanted it to be.


In any case, I got to try the Tokina 10-17 mm which called for some fun pictures. Since we had a total count of 4 flashes, we tried to experiment a little bit. The above picture is a good example of what we tried, and I really like the result. The flashes really do make a nice effect in the picture :-).


It was fun, but if the clouds would have cleared, the colors of the sky would be fantastic. I’ll bring my camera to work one day, and photograph the sunset as well. When I look out the window, that’s what I see :-).


To finish this post there’s one last image, I’d like to share.


Although we’re still waiting for the money to tickle to our account, we are feeling additionally motivated by this achievement! It shows we’re on the right track.

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