Santana @ Trieste, 14.7.2009

After evading me the last time in Bratislava – the day I came, it was pouring rain like it was judgment day and the concert was postponed to the next day, I finally managed to get the opportunity to photograph one of the world’s top guitarists, Mr. Carlos Santana.


I have to admit, I did expect a bit more rocking set-list, although latino-rock, as Santana’s genre could be described is really about emotion and feelings in general. We listened to 17 songs, a good hour and a half, maybe a bit more, filled with this emotion. It’s a shame there were so few people… I got to hear Smooth, which is just not the same without Rob Thomas, but it’s still a nice rendition :-).


As is with most guitar “gods”, one guitar just won’t do. Since all three of the first songs were also semi-acoustic, it was the perfect photo-op to get used to him, the lights and everything – him being stationary and all.


Although Carlos does sometimes “contribute” vocals to songs, he always travels with guest musicians for vocals, this time Andy Vargas (on the left picture) and Tony Lindsay (right).


All in all, a fantastic concert.

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