uController RC Helicopter

uController RC Helicopter

It started with a simple twit by Kompas Shop. They invited twitter users to apply and get their fresh RC/IR helicopters that can be controller from Android or iOS devices (through a simple IR dongle) or through the enclosed RC control "pad".

Bi kdo testiral naše smart helikopter, vodljiv s pametnim tel (iOS&Android). Podarimo v zameno za narejeni review;) twitter.com/KompasShop/sta…— Kompas Shop (@KompasShop) April 3, 2012

Us gadget freaks have this interesting thing where we love to do unboxing. The box the RC helicopter comes in is a pretty standard, black box with plastic see-through windows of the helicopter and control pad.




The helicopter itself looks interesting, it seems pretty well built (it is made in China), and has a gyroscope stabilizer system which doesn’t mean it has an autonomous leveling system (like the Parrot AR.Drone) but it has a weighted third axis on the rotor assembly that acts as a stabilizer.




Everybody knows RC helicopters are generally very hard to keep afloat but this one makes it pretty straight-forward.




Flight is obviously a bit hectic, and quite soon after I started flying with it, I crashed into an exposed light bulb. That did not turn out well, but surprisingly, the helicopter survived. But all in all, for a small, inexpensive RC/IR toy made in China, this helicopter is miles of fun. It comes with a repair kit (you can exchange the rotor blades if your destroy them) but I fail to see when you need them. I crashed the copter into a million things, ranging from harmless stuff like flowers, to heart-attack inducing items like my guitars and up to hard stuff like concrete walls. It has survived everything so far. I have been playing with it for over three months now, and it is still fun. We even handed two of them out at a lecture at NT Conference this year (thank you Kompas Shop).

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